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Hello and welcome to our site, where you can finally find all the information you need to book a hot evening with a beautiful Duisburg escort and experience an evening you will never forget. First of all, we would like to thank you for showing interest in our escort service Duisburg. We hope to give you all the information you need to convince you to try our service at least once. We can guarantee you will never regret it.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about our escort service Duisburg!

So many escorts at an affordable price!

Everything has a price, and even spending a night with an escort Duisburg of the highest quality requires a high price. After all, those who choose to rely on our escort Duisburg agency do so because they prefer quality to savings and invest their time with a woman who really deserves it.

However, we know that money can always be a problem, and we have decided to do a very brave thing: lower our prices without compromising the quality of our service.

Yes, you read that right, you can spend a hot night with your favorite escort Duisburg without spending a fortune and at the same time without giving up the highest possible quality in your escort service Duisburg!

But how was this possible?

We have done this thanks to the constant support of our customers, who have always supported us in every initiative. Our girls know that our clients are the best of the best, and they want to work with us. Therefore, we have decided to invest only in the quality of the service and give our clients a real reason to come back and have sex with their favorite escort Duisburg or some other new girls!

We lowered the profits for the quality, and the choice turned out to be a winner. So, when you choose our escort service Duisburg, you can rest assured that you select a beautiful girl, an incredible price, excellent quality, professionalism, and emotions that you will never forget.

Each Duisburg escort working for our agency is an incredible mix of beauty, class, elegance, sexual energy, and professionalism, and you will experience the best night of your life with each one of them.

And the best part is that you will also be able to do different things than just sex.

Yes, you read that right; why limit yourself to just having fantastic sex with a beautiful Duisburg escort when you can do so many other things and make your Duisburg escort experience so much more complete?

Because we want to give you emotions, moments to remember, something special, and with these Duisburg escort services, we will do it.

So here are some escort services that you can buy to make your evening truly special!


Dinner Date Escort Service

Have you ever dreamed of spending your evening in Duisburg in a different way? For example, not going to dinner at a restaurant alone or with your work colleagues or with some friends?

How about going to dinner in a beautiful restaurant with the most beautiful woman in town? Eat exquisite food, drink great wine, talk to this gorgeous woman who gives you her full attention and who wears exactly what you want?

Sounds like a beautiful evening to you, right? And what would you do if I told you that it could not be just a dream but a beautiful reality thanks to the Dinner Date Escort Service?

In fact, thanks to this exclusive service, you will have the honor and privilege of choosing one of our escort babes and spending a fantastic evening with her in a restaurant in Duisburg.

Sounds great, right?

Yes, it’s great, and the best part is that you can do it whenever you want, completely customizing your experience to make it your dream night!

How can you do it? Well, it’s simple:


– You can choose the Duisburg escort you like best for your evening. If your girlfriend is not available, we can recommend another girlfriend or book your favorite Duisburg escort for another date. Don’t worry, we will find a solution to give you what you want.

– You have total freedom in choosing your escort babe’s outfit, provided it is suitable for wearing in a restaurant. So avoid making your Duisbirg escort wear something too low-cut, visible thongs and filthy clothes. Our girls have so much class and elegance that they don’t need to wear filthy clothes to look sexy. You can go shopping with your escort to choose what she will wear or choose some dresses from her extensive wardrobe. You have total freedom of choice, and your babe will try to please you as best she can.

– You can select the restaurant where the service will take place. Also, in this case, you have total freedom of choice. Still, you remember that our girls are used to dining in high-class places, so avoid pizzerias and cheap restaurants. Show your girlfriend that you want to have a good night with her, and your babe will reward you in the bedroom. Each girl has personal preferences regarding their favorite restaurant, but they can quickly adapt to your request. We will inform you if there are any impediments, and we will find a solution together with you.


The purpose of this service is to give you the chance to experience a beautiful evening with your escort babe, get to know her better, and prepare a night in the hotel where you will have incredible emotions and the best sex of your life; we can guarantee it!

City Tour Escort Service

Duisburg is a city full of exciting places to visit. You will certainly not be able to appreciate the beauty of the characteristic places of the town without pleasant company. Seeing a beautiful city alone is okay, but visiting it with the most beautiful woman in the whole of Germany is even better, don’t you think?

Well, because we have created the perfect escort service for you, a service that will allow you to visit the city with your favorite escort and see everything you want with great company and become the most envied man in town!

This service is called City Tour Escort Service, and we bet you will love it!

But what exactly does this service consist of?

This service is designed to allow you to be accompanied by a Duisburg escort during your visit to the city for as long as you like. The girl can go wherever you want with you and for as long as agreed. She will give you her attention. She will be a fantastic visiting companion, a perfect tourist, the friend to visit the city with.

This service has only small rules, which we ask you to respect. Here they are:


-Tell us a few days in advance, if possible, the itinerary you have in mind so that we can better organize the service with your Duisburg escort. If there should be any scheduling problem, we will reorganize the service on the first available date.

– You can choose the outfit of your escort babe, as long as it is suitable for the place you are going to visit and that it is comfortable for the girl. Asking your escort babe to wear stilettos to walk around all day might be uncomfortable; better to save the stilettos for a hot hotel session. Communicate your requests, and the girl will do what she can to accommodate you.

The girl can buy what she wants, don’t be stingy and pay you for her.

– There is no sexual activity in this service. If you want to kiss your escort babe, you can only do it if you buy this service as an extra.

-It is not allowed to take selfies with your escort to protect her privacy as well.

– Remember to respect all the rules for the prevention of Covid-19. Always carry a mask, the sanitizing gel, and your vaccination certificate with you, especially if you want to visit some museum.

– This service can be combined with other services. For example, you can pair it with the Dinner Date Escort Service or your sex night at the hotel with your escort babe.


Thanks to this service you will be able to visit all of Duisburg with the best possible company. Don’t waste any more time; book your service now!


Some of the hotels we recommend.

When you have sex with the Duisburg escort of your choice, you will have to do it in a hotel room. Our babes work only in selected hotels to give you the privacy you need to spend your entire Duisburg escort experience carefree and to ensure the highest possible level of quality.

Obviously, you can choose the hotel you prefer. Our escort will adapt without problems to your choice; however, our experience in the sector has allowed us to identify those which, in our opinion, are the best hotels where you can book your Duisburg escort experience. They are all professionally staffed, clean, and very private hotels, where you can have privacy and lots of pleasure for as long as you want.

Here they are:


Hotel Conti (Düsseldorfer Str. 131, 47051 Duisburg): The hotel in the center of Duisburg is perfect as a final destination after spending an evening in a luxury restaurant with your beautiful escort girl, or even for having sex after having visited the city. You will find Wi-Fi, minimalist rooms, and even a terrace to splurge and have sex at the risk of being seen, a thrill that our girls love and that you absolutely cannot fail to experience at least once in your life.

Hotel Friederichs (Neudorfer Str. 33-35, 47057 Duisburg): A perfect hotel for those arriving in the city by train, located right next to the central station. Our clients who come to the town for business trips have told us that it is a hotel that favors discretion. They have the certainty that nothing and no one will disturb them during their Duisburg escort experience. It also has an excellent restaurant where you can also hold your Dinner Date Escort Service. In short, you could also spend your entire experience with a Duisburg escort without even having to leave the hotel. This is a very comfortable experience that we are proud to offer to all our customers.


Mercure Hotel Duisburg City (Landfermannstraße 30, 47051 Duisburg): Hotel of the highest quality, present in many countries worldwide. It has super comfortable rooms, spacious, and a nice bed to use for unlimited sex with your escort babe. Wi-Fi to watch some videos while you get excited.

When you go to these hotels, say that they have been recommended for your Duisburg escort service by the staff of the best escort agency in town. They will understand, and you can also get exclusive discounts!

Covid Protocols

We believe it is absolutely useless to underline how devastating the Covid-19 pandemic was. Millions of people have died, we have lived in fear, forced to interrupt our lives, we have quarreled with friends and family who did not believe what was happening, and our jobs were put in grave danger.

And our industry has been particularly damaged by the pandemic. Our girls were scared, clients couldn’t have sex with them, and they tried webcam sex, but it wasn’t the same; it wasn’t what we wanted.

Fortunately, the vaccines arrived, and the feeling that the worst is over. We have been working for a long time to ensure that the level of security is the highest for both clients and our escort girls. We are proud to announce that all of our girls are 100% vaccinated and ready to have sex!

But you also have to do your part to keep the security level as high as possible. We ask you to show the vaccination certificate or the swab performed in the previous 48 hours before having sex with the girl and respect all the rules of social distancing, mask, and hygiene in force.

With your help, we will always be able to make our business safe and allow you to experience many more emotions!


Don’t waste any more time. The best girls in town are waiting for you; call us and book your ideal Duisburg escort experience now!